Data your way to RM8,888 cash!

Do you want to win it all? Do you want to win RM8,888? All you have to do is subscribe to our data plan and win yourself cash prizes up to RM8,888 and free credit.

SMS “TTWIN8ALL” to 2266

There will be a lucky draw to select the winners.

The shortlisted subscribers will need to answer a question correctly

Once answered correctly, he/she will be awarded with the prizes!!!

Remember to update your Tune Talk Self Care account, make sure your FULL NAME, IC NUMBER, HOME ADDRESS & E-MAIL ADDRESS are updated


Contest Period: 27 Feb - 2 April 2017

Contest Time: 27 Feb 2017 00.00am - 2 April 2017 11.59pm

Who Can Join The Contest?

Any Tune Talk or Tone Excel/Tone Plus subscriber that fulfills the criteria set above

Remember, Tune Talkers always get more.

Response time: 0.13808584213257
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