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23 Feb, 2024 Integration Activity in several areas More Info

Bid on iPhone 15 Pro or Samsung S24+ at Tune Talk’s First-ever TikTok LIVE Auction!

Experience infinite blessings by joining our auction and grab a shot at winning exclusive gadgets because we want you to be happy long long this Chinese New Year.

See you there!
28th February 2024
8pm to 9.30pm
The auction has started. Click to watch the Tune Talk CNY TikTok Live Auction now!
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Meet Our Hosts

Brenda Mak

Host Img Brenda

Brenda Mak
IG: @brendaarhh

Gwen Laraine Foong
Host Img Gwen

Gwen Laraine Foong

How to Watch and Bid?

  1. The live auction will be held on our official TikTok page on 28th February 2024 at 8pm.
  2. Each bidding session will last for 5 minutes. Participants will be required to comment their biding price in the TikTok Live’s comment tab/section. The participant with the HIGHEST bid as soon as the auction closes will be eligible and is obligated to purchase the item(s).
  3. Each subsequent bid must follow the minimum increment of RM50 and/or must be multiple of RM50 (eg: RM50, RM100, RM150, etc). Any bids not adhering to this format will be declared invalid or voided.
  4. Successful bidders will need to send a direct message to our TikTok account and undergo a phone call for verification purposes. He/she must complete the payment within 30 minutes. 
  5. Payment for item(s) purchased must be made in full. We accept instant bank transfers only.
  6. In the event of a dispute, Tune Talk will be authorised to have the final say.
Coming Soon

Note: Please use your personal TikTok account when bidding for the gadgets.

The winner will be announced on Tune Talk TikTok account within 24 hours.

Existing Tune Talker

Please ensure that your account has a minimum of 100 pts before redeeming.

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Tune Talk Chinese New Year 2024:
Good Deeds Bring Good Fortune

This Year of Dragon, Mei is promised with long long happiness for being positive all around ✨ With positivity, comes good fortune. We wish you a life-LONG of infinite blessings 🐉 #TTHappyLongLong #KitaFaham

Limited tickets available, First come, first served!

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