Data Roaming Passes

Connect to the Internet when you travel anytime, anywhere by using data roaming over 100 countries from only RM25*!

Choose your travel destination to find out more about the daily data quota, network partners and the keywords to subscribe.

Quick Tips:
  • SMS Sent to 2222 will incur RM2 International SMS Charge.
  • Can't access the internet? Check your device data settings.
  • When roaming overseas, pay-per-use data usage is blocked and you must be subscribed to a roaming plan.
  • Multiple subscriptions is highly recommended to ensure you stay connected throughout the trip.
  • Add Tune Talk Careline number (+603 2771 7000) to your phone book as a quick way to call for help while travelling.
  • Availability of 3G/4G Data Network coverage for each country depends on network operator partner. 
  • Tune Talk shall in no way be responsible to guarantee the availability of the same network availability. (More info in Roaming T&Cs)
  • Please ensure you have a 3G-enabled mobile device that supports TD-SCMA frequency mode while roaming in China.
  • A 3G-enabled mobile device is required to roam in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.
  • There are no Tune Talk roaming service at Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani due to Thailand regulations.
  • There are no Tune Talk roaming service at Kashmir, Jammu and Sri Nagar due to India regulations.

Step-by-Step Guide

Getting Your Data Roaming Pass

*Repeat the same steps for multiple subscriptions

Phone Settings

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