Upgrade to Tune Talk Pek Jimat (“TTJIMAT”) for FREE from 5 September until further notice!

Read the FAQs below before upgrading your pack!

All Tune Talk Subscribers can switch from their existing tariff plans to the Pek JIMAT (or equivalent) to enjoy the new plans available from 5th September onwards.

You may check your current tariff plan via:

  • The Tune Talk App (next to your Mobile number); or
  • USSD by dialing *111# > Account Info > Tariff plan

Pek JIMAT offers great value and peace of mind for your connectivity needs at the times you need to focus the most! Our new and improved unlimited plans with double speeds can be subscribed as low as RM33/month!

View the plans HERE!

No, you can continue to use your existing SIM card and any changes will be reflected automatically upon successful switch.

Yes, you can switch for 300 pts. However, this fee is waived from 5th September 2022 until further notice.

Tune Talk Points balance can be viewed via the Tune Talk App or USSD (dial *111#)

The switch may take up to 15 minutes. You will receive a confirmation SMS once it is successful.

Upon successful switch to the Pek JIMAT, all your existing data, voice and SMS balances will be forfeited. It is suggested to exhaust all your existing quota prior to switching.

Upon switching, you will automatically be utilising Basic Internet 256Kbps and will need to subscribe to a data plan for hi-speed data quota.

All the above will be maintained as per pre-switch.

No, you would need to reactivate your line by topping up first.

No, the switch will only happen for the number that you have requested for. You will need to manually submit the request for each number that you wish to switch.

Kindly note that you may NOT be able to switch back to other packs.

I understand that by switching to Pek TTJIMAT:-

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