Just top up a minimum of RM50 monthly and be eligible for the FREE RM50,000 Personal Accident Insurance coverage every month.

Are you covered?

All active Tune Talk subscribers that top up a minimum of RM50 monthly are automatically covered.

*Please note that the list will be updated on every 7th of the month.

Do not insert ‘-‘ for MyKad No.

Cumulative Monthly Top Up Personal Accident Insurance Coverage
RM50 or more FREE & Automatic
Important Notes:
  • Effective 1st August 2018, the free RM50,000 PA insurance coverage with a minimum cumulative monthly top up of RM50 is underwritten by Tune Protect.
  • Cumulative monthly top up is calculated for the previous month to determine eligibility for coverage for the current month (example: top up RM50 or more in February and receive FREE PA Insurance coverage for March)
  • There is a 60 days "Cooling-off" period from the day you activate your Tune Talk SIM before you are eligible for coverage.
  • Exclusions apply
  • PA Insurance coverage commences and ends based on each calendar month. (example: 1st April to 30th April)
  • This report is generated once a month and is for general viewing purposes only. Your NRIC/Passport number may not be eligible because you have not fulfilled the 60 days cooling-off period OR your account was not in ACTIVE status when the report was generated.
  • ACTIVE status means that your Tune Talk credit validity has not expired.
  • Eligibility to the PA Insurance coverage is subject to accuracy of subscriber's personal information as per his/her Mykad/Passport/Police ID/Army ID entered at point of registration.
  • Tune Talk reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.


GPA Policy

Nomination Form

PA Claim Form
(for accidents on/
after 1 August 2018)

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