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Tune Talk Data Roaming Pass allows you to subscribe to Internet and roam for abroad use.

3-Day Roaming Pass
1-Day Roaming Pass
Plan Quota
2GB Data
50MB - 500MB
Allow Stack/Additional purchased
Roaming Countries
Over 100 countries

*click here to view country list

  • All Tune Talk subscribers under any tariff plans with airasia member ID, who are on Active Status and have sufficient balance
  • Your Tune Talk Prepaid line has at least a basic mobile internet/data plan
  • How to sign up for airasia rewards membership? Just click here

The 3-Day Data Roaming Pass is only valid in selected countries that you can only use in one country at a time.

If you wish to enjoy data in this new destination country, you will only need to subscribe to the available Data Roaming Pass. Upon activation of this new Pass it will automatically override the previous Pass activated in previous country.

You may perform an ‘advance purchase’/’pre-subscribe’ the passes before you travel abroad. You may purchase multiple passes for multiple countries before you travel.

All RAP must be activated/utilized within 30 days from the date of subscription

Successful Data Roaming Passes will only be activated and displayed on the Tune Talk App once you connect to eligible Tune Talk Roaming Partner Networks in the destination country

You can purchase a maximum of 3 Data Roaming Passes for both 1-Day and 3-Day passes

All RAP can only be done via the Tune Talk App.

Data Roaming Passes purchased can only be used in selected participating countries with particular networks.

Click here to view respective country list & Tune Talk Roaming Partner Networks.

Firstly, you will receive an SMS confirmation upon successful subscription. Then, activation is almost immediate as long as you are connected to the correct Tune Talk Roaming Partner Networks (subject to the quality of network connection during point of time and location in destination country with the correct APN setting).

RAP will have the same validity period as your current Pass. Upon exhaustion of the current Pass, you will receive an SMS notification. The pre-added pass will be activated along with an SMS activation and the new validity will start at the time of activation.

e.g. In the event where you pre-add the 3-Day Data Roaming Pass on 1st July 2019 while currently enjoying a remaining of 700MB out of 2GB (from the existing 3-Day Data Roaming Pass) which expires on 2nd July 2019; if you were to exhaust the remaining 700MB at 3PM on the 1st July 2019, your new pre-added 2GB Pass will be activated immediately and will expire within 72 hours from 3PM, 1st July 2019.

Balance and validity can be checked via Tune Talk App or by dialing *138#.

If your Data Roaming Pass data quota is exhausted within the validity period, your data will experience a hard stop as there is no Pay-Per-Use Data for roaming. To continue, you may purchase a new Data Roaming Pass via Tune Talk app, dial USSD *138# or SMS.

No, the Data Roaming Pass will expire automatically when the validity period ends.

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