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Free Basic Internet (FBI) is a data bucket that is activated together with the SIM Pack. This will help subscribers who have either exhausted their existing data packages (bonus, mobile internet, paid or free) or subscribers who are yet to have any data packages, to enjoy always-on connectivity at no cost.

Yes! If you have FBI, you will no longer be charged pay-per-use rates if you don’t have any Data Plans.

No. Users who are enjoying FBI cannot opt for pay-per-use data usage.

Once 10GB FBI is exhausted, you can no longer enjoy data and you will need to subscribe to another Mobile Internet plan to continue to enjoy data.

You will also receive an SMS notification from the us when your BI quota usage is at 90% and 100%.

You can check this by dialing *134# (USSD) or send FBI STATUS to 2222 or within the Tune Talk App.

Quota balance also via FBI STATUS to 2222

Free basic internet will be available for new subscribers after 15th January 2019 as well as selected existing subscribers by phases starting from the same mentioned date.

Eligible subscribers will be notified via SMS and you just have to follow the steps provided.

‘Switching’ from current existing plan to Free Basic Internet Plan is FREE from 15th January – 28th Feb 2019. Charges of RM5 of switching fee will be apply starting 1st March 2019 onwards. Switching fee can be made via Tune Talk credit or Direct Payment via Tune Talk App (Online banking, FPX, etc.).

It’s as simple as sending a SMS. Just type FBI and send it to 2222

And the SMS sent to 2222 are FOC.

No, there is no minimum balance required to switch.

The switch will take between 5-10 minutes. And you will receive a confirmation SMS once its activated.

Upon successful switch to Basic Internet plan, all your existing data quota will be forfeited.

*Existing data that will be forfeited include Data Freebies (Free Data from campaigns, etc.), Data Plans (Datatata or +VIBE), booster plans and so on.

*It is highly advisable for you to utilize all available data quota before switching to FBI plan.

Upon switching, you will ONLY have 10GB FBI and will NEED to subscribe to a Data Plan to enjoy high speed data quota.

No, it is also not compulsory to switch. As long as you have received an SMS from us, you are considered ‘eligible’, and can switch anytime.

Your credit validity will not change after switching. (e.g. if it currently expires on Feb 2019, it will remain as such even after switching).

After 1st September 2018, if you wish to extend your credit validity, it has been changed to RM100 for 365 days.

For more information, head to the 1 year validity page.

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