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MNP allows you to change network service providers without losing your number. That means you can keep your mobile number even if you switch services. For more information, check out this SKMM article!

It's quite easy!

  • Register your details on our online Tune In application form to get a FREE Tune Talk SIM pack.
  • Tune Talk will call you to confirm your registration and delivery details within the next business day.
  • Poslaju will send Tune Talk SIM pack to you within 1 - 3 working days.
  • upon receiving your SIM pack, you are required to call 010 777 7112 to start Tune In process.

That's it! Your number will be processed within 24 hours after we receive your call.

You can check if your NRIC is correctly registered with your current Service Provide by sending a text message via SMS to the following (note: there should be no spaces or special characters in the ID field):

For Celcom: CHECK<space><ID><space>NRIC send to 22099
For DiGi: CHECKID<space><ID> send to 2000
For Maxis: <ID> send to 22011
For U-Mobile: <ID> and send to 28011

Nope! All you need to do is register your details on our online Tune In application form to get a FREE Tune Talk SIM pack.

There is no charge to Tune In. However, your original service provider may, so it's best to check before you make the request.

The MNP process will take within 48 working hours to be completed, however to receive TAC/Verification code, it may take another 36 hours to update your mobile number.

MNP requests made/submitted on Sundays and public holidays will only be processed on the next working day.

We would recommend keeping both your (soon-to-be) old number and Tune Talk SIM active so you won't miss anything. Once the process is complete, your old SIM card will be deactivated and you can start using your old number with your new Tune Talk service.

You'll get an email from us welcoming you to the network service provider with the happiest customers!

Only your number is ported over when you use request to Tune In over to Tune Talk. However, you'll also enjoy these services with Tune Talk:

  • Voice calls and SMS
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller Line Identification Presentation(CLIP)
  • Multi Party Conferencing
  • Voicemail
  • International Direct Dial
  • SMS International Roaming

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