‘Tis the season to WIN an iPhone 11!

All I want for Christmas is… for you to win the perfect Christmas gift!

Follow the easy steps below to stand a chance to WIN a FREE iPhone 11 every week.

How to Win?


You have to be a Tune Talker

If you’re not one yet, join us now!


Subscribe to a RM28 or RM48 Monthly Data Plan via or Web only


You will receive a confirmation SMS.


All done! Lucky winners will receive a call from us.

Wishing you a ho-ho-hopeful Christmas!

A Hopeful Christmas Campaign Period:

2nd Dec 2019 (00:00AM) to 29th Dec 2019 (11:59PM)

Am I eligible to participate?

Certainly, as long as you are a Tune Talk subscriber
(excluding Tone Plus, Tone Excel & HaloTelco subscribers)

Psssttt…. You can also get your brand new SIM for only RM2 from

Download the Tune Talk App now!

Terms and Conditions
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