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Data Roaming Pass T&Cs

Data Roaming Pass Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Data Roaming Passes (“Pass”) Terms and Conditions (“Plan Terms and Conditions”) shall be supplementary to the Tune Talk Service Subscription (“Service Subscription Terms and Conditions”).
  2. Subscribers who subscribe to this Pass are deemed to have read, understood and be bound by the Plan Terms and Conditions together with the Service Subscription Terms and Conditions and/or any other terms and conditions related to the provision of Tune Talk’s Service upon purchase or subscription of the Plan.
  3. Tune Talk reserves the sole and absolute right to amend, modify, vary or change any Service or Plan Subscription Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice to Subscribers. In addition, Tune Talk reserves the sole right to increase or reduce the subscription quota of the Plan without any prior notice or reason to subscribers.
  4. Tune Talk may cancel the Plan or terminate the Service if Tune Talk has reasonable information or suspicion that the Subscriber uses the Service improperly, abusively, in exploitation of the Service, causing outage, congestion, unlawful intrusion to the Service’s network or in contravention to any law.
  5. Tune Talk shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to Subscriber for actions taken by Tune Talk in item 3 or 4 above.
  6. Roaming Passes are offered with selected Network Operators in particular countries only. Tune Talk reserves the right to amend (add/remove) the list of participating Network Operators and countries at any time without notice.
  7. The purchase and/or use of a Roaming Pass shall constitute acceptance of all applicable Terms and Conditions.
  8. The Pass:
    1. Tune Talk Data Roaming Passes consists of 2 passes, which are the 3-Day Roaming pass and 1-Day Roaming Pass.
    Description3-Day Roaming Pass1-Day Roaming Pass
    Plan Quota2GB Data50MB – 500MB
    Advance (RAP) / Pre-subscribeYesYes
    Timeout pre-sub30days30days
    Roaming Countries16over 100 countries

    *only 1 Data Roaming Pass (either 3-Day or 1-Day) will be available for each country. Click here to view country list

    1. 3-Day Roaming Pass:
      • Only available for 16 countries
      • Eligible for all Tune Talk subscribers
      • Subscription is available via Tune Talk App only
    2. 1-Day Roaming Pass:
      • Available for over 100 countries (excluding the 16 countries served by the 3-Day Roaming Pass)
      • Eligible for all Tune Talk subscribers
      • Subscription channels available via App, USSD *138# and SMS
        • Type ROAM1D and send to 2222
        • There will be RM2 International SMS charges for each SMS sent to 2222 while roaming outside Malaysia
    3. Data Roaming Passes do not auto-renew. Upon exhaustion, data will be disabled (hard stop).
    4. There are no Pay-Per-Use data charges while roaming overseas, therefore, you must have an active Data Roaming Pass on an eligible network to use data.
    5. There are no roaming charges for subscriptions via App or USSD.
    6. If you are subscribing via App, you would need an alternative data connection (such as Wi-Fi or hotspot tethering) to initially download or connect to the Tune Talk App.
    7. Availability of 3G/4G Data Network coverage for each of the country depends entirely on network operator partner on as is where is basis only and Tune Talk shall in no way be responsible to guarantee the availability of the same.
    8. The following network operator partners in their respective countries (not limited to) only make available 3G network (this list will be updated from time to time):
    CountriesCelcom Preferred Operators3G4G
    MacauSmarTone Mobile Communications (Macau) Ltd.YNA
    PhilippinesGlobe Telecom Inc.YNA
    TaiwanChunghwa Telecom MobileYNA
    Taiwan MobileYNA

    *updated 7th November 2019

  1. Roaming Advance Purchase (herein after referred to as “RAP”)
    1. Data Roaming Passes can be purchased in advance at no extra charges via the Tune Talk App at any point of time.
    2. Subscribers may purchase multiple roaming passes in advance (stacking, refer point i.) and for multiple countries.
    3. All RAPs must be activated/utilized within 30 days from the date of subscription.
    4. You must be on ACTIVE status and have sufficient credit to perform RAP.
    5. Upon successful RAP, you will receive a purchase confirmation SMS.
    6. RAP pass will be shown in the Tune Talk App in “My Account”, under “Roam” tab queue.
    7. Successful RAP data bucket will only be activated and displayed in the App after the exhaustion of active Data Roaming Pass (if any).
    8. Activated RAP Data Roaming Pass validity will follow the activation point of time and date.
    9. You can only RAP a maximum of 3 Data Roaming Passes at one time. You will need to wait for 5 minutes between each pass purchase for the subscription to complete.
    10. Any RAPs that are not activated/utilized are non-refundable.
    11. You will receive an SMS notification 3 days before the timeout period.
    12. Any unused/non-activated pre-add Data Roaming Passes are not transferable and refundable.
  2. You can also subscribe to Data Roaming Passes once you reach your destination country and connected to eligible Tune Talk roaming partners’ network.
  3. Data Roaming Passes are only available for subscription and usage in selected countries and roaming partners’ network.
  4. Data Roaming Pass Expiry:
    1. Your pass will expire after 24 hours/ 72 hours for 1 day/ 3 days respectively
    2. Upon Data Roaming Pass expiry, the remaining quota will be forfeited and you will receive a SMS notification.
  5. Travelling to another country:
    1. In the event that you travel to a different country from where you originally subscribed to, your existing active pass data will not be useable and be disabled with the remaining quota balance (if any).
    2. If you wish to enjoy data in this new destination country, you will only need to subscribe to the available Data Roaming Pass in that country. Upon arrival & activation of the new Pass, it will automatically override the previous Pass activated in the previous country.
  6. Travel home:
    1. In the event where the Subscriber travels back to Malaysia, your Data Roaming Plan will not be usable and be disabled automatically with the remaining quota balance (if any) at 12 midnight.
    2. Subscribers will no longer be able to view the active Roaming Pass in the Tune Talk App.
    3. However, any unused/non-activated pre-add Data Roaming Passes will remain in queue for 30 days from purchase date.
  7. Subscribers shall manually select the relevant Participating Network Operators to access the Roaming Passes to avoid any service disruption.
  8. Tune Talk will not be responsible for any increase charges and/or variant charges due to default/automatic selections arising from network systems, the Subscriber’s failure to select, the Subscriber’s error in selection or any other cause whatsoever.
  9. Roaming Passes will only be enabled outside of Malaysia and Subscriber will agree to abide by and be subjected to all Terms and Conditions used at all times and the usage terms of the Participating Countries.
  10. Tune Talk reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion and without any liability whatsoever to take action on Subscriber or any third party that uses the Data Roaming Passes for commercial, non-personal or fraudulent purposes or gains. The action will include to disconnect, interrupt, terminate, bar or suspend the Roaming Passes service to a Subscriber in the event of suspicious usage, illegal activities, suspected fraud or any other unusual activities.
  11. Purchase and/or use of a Roaming Pass shall constitute acceptance of all applicable Terms and Conditions.
  12. Any remaining balance of validity period, quota or minutes (if any) under Roaming Passes are neither transferable nor refundable.
  13. All changes to the Roaming Passes and any governing Terms and Conditions shall take immediate effect upon being published on Tune Talk website.
  14. Subscribers are liable for all roaming charges incurred. To avoid unintended charges, Subscribers are responsible to disable Roaming access on their devices.
  15. Tune Talk’s standard call and internet/data roaming charges shall apply by default to:-
    1. any call or internet/data roaming access or usage occurring prior to the purchase of a Data Roaming Pass; and
    2. any call or internet/data roaming access or usage occurring after the expiry of a Roaming Pass subscription; regardless of whether such roaming access or usage was unintended, inadvertent or otherwise.
  16. The use of Roaming Passes is subject to availability and terms of access of the applicable Network Operator. Tune Talk shall not be liable for any inaccessibility, interruption, network quality or other network-related problems which may occur while roaming.