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19 Ogos, 2022 Notifikasi Aplikasi Tanpa Izin Info Lanjut


What is Jendela?

Jalinan Digital Negara or JENDELA is a comprehensive digital infrastructure plan aimed at addressing the arising needs and demand for better quality for fixed and mobile broadband coverage due to COVID-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order. The JENDELA will support activities such as working remotely or work from home, operating businesses online, and students’ education as well as to stay in touch with families and friends.

How will I benefit from JENDELA?

JENDELA is aimed to facilitate and provide better quality of experience and 100% connectivity to Malaysians:

  • Education/Productivity – home-based learning for students and employees working from home.
  • Industries – Digitise SMEs / Business-to-Business to recover and diversify their businesses.
  • Communities and Societies – Constantly connected and seamless digital lifestyle.
What is 3G Sunset?

3G Sunset refers to the shutting down of 3G network and discontinuation of all 3G related services, i.e. the voice, SMS and data services that are carried over the 3G network.

Why is the 3G network being shut down?

3G Sunset is one of the initiatives identified under the Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) program that aims to migrate existing spectrum to 4G technology, to further improve wireless broadband speeds for all Malaysian.

What are the benefits of 3G sunsetting for the public?

The ultimate goal of 3G Sunset initiative is to repurpose the use of the spectrum for 4G and further enhance the quality of service to the public for a greater experience in internet browsing, video streaming and online services. In other words, we can notice improvement in many ways including:

  • Higher data speeds
  • Lower latency
  • Improved network reliability and stability
  • Enhancing the quality of experience
When is the 3G network shut down happening?

The 3G network will be shut down in phases throughout 2021 and it is targeted to be completed by 31st December 2021. At the same time, the 4G network will be improved and expanded to provide wider coverage and higher data speeds.

Will there be any service disruption during 3G Sunset?

3G Sunset will be seamless for all customers as long as your device and SIM card are 4G capable.

Is Tune Talk the only service provider affected by 3G Sunset or is it affecting other service providers in Malaysia as well?

No, all service providers will be shutting down their 3G networks by the end of 2021.

Will the 2G network also be shut down?

There are no plans to shut down the 2G network and 2G services such as voice and SMS will be available as usual.

Am I required to change my current SIM Card?

If you are currently using a 4G device but can only access 3G network wherever you go, then it is very likely you are using an older SIM card. Please walk-in to the nearest Tune Talk Dealer to upgrade to a 4G SIM card or call our Tune Talk Careline at 13100 (from Tune Talk number) / +603-2771 7000 (from non-Tune Talk number), daily from 8am – 10 pm.

If I decide to not upgrade or switch to 4G upon 3G Sunset, what will happen to my current contract/plan?

Your current contract and plan will remain the same. However, you will experience a drop in the quality of data service as you will only be able to use services on the 2G network.

What will I experience once I’ve switched to a 4G device with 4G network, as compared to 3G network?

Once you’ve switched to our 4G network with a 4G device, you will enjoy better network coverage and higher data speeds.