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Only Tune Talk subscribers who are on HI-VALUE, CUN VALUE, and VALUE prepaid packs are eligible.

Of course! Just download the Tune Talk App and register for eSIM via the App.

Refer to the steps above to register for eSIM.

Yes. You can easily switch and keep your current number!

Refer to the steps above to register for eSIM – Existing Users

The cost for Tune Talk eSIM is only RM10.

Once removed, the eSIM profile is no longer reusable. You will need to repurchase a new eSIM profile to be used on the same or different device.

All SIM replacements require you to provide proof of ownership as a security measure, in addition this step will ensure that your correct mobile number is reflected in your eSIM profile (crucial step for successful iMessage activation for Apple iOS devices).

You will need to purchase a new eSIM QR code, and repeat the steps above to register your eSIM.

Don’t forget to wait for the success confirmation of your eSIM replacement before activating eSIM on your device.

For Apple iOS devices - this is not encouraged because this will require purchasing a new eSIM after the mobile number is changed.

For Andriod devices - Yes, you can change your mobile number.

This will require you to purchase a new eSIM followed by eSIM replacement as outline in the steps for switch to eSIM.

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