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Tune Talk Rewards
Tune Talk Rewards

Every RM you spend, we turn it into a reward back to you.

Switch Easy Peasy
Switch Easy Peasy!

Keep your existing number from another telco. We make it easy for you.

No Contract
No Contract

A mobile plan that empowers you.

Hi-Speed & Wide 4G Coverage
Hi-Speed & Wide 4G Coverage

Reliable 4G Network with blazing internet speed.

Mobile Plans

#KitaFaham you need a plan that suits your lifestyle. Choose between our popular hi-speed, unlimited and long-validity plans.

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Molek 25

BestBasic 28

Super Jimat

Fokus 33

Super Jimat

Fokus 40

Super Jimat

Bebas 55


Tahunan 99


Call 20

Tahunan 200

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