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What is Tune Talk’s IVR number?

Tune Talk’s IVR number is 13101

How do I change my preferred language for IVR?

Follow the steps below to change your preferred language:

  • Dial 13101
  • At the 1st Menu select 1
  • At next Menu, select 5
  • You can then select your preferred language
What can I do within Tune Talk’s IVR system?

You can:
Get the account information such as: 

  • Account Balance
  • Account Status
  • The Tariff Plan of your Account
  • Your Mobile and Insurance Policy Number
  • Last Top-Up Details
  • Last Call/SMS Details
  • Status of your Value Added Status
  • Benefits of using Tune Talk’s Prepaid Service
  • Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

Get the account information such as: 

  • Change IVR Language
  • Top Up your Account