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07 Jun, 2023 Intermittent connectivity in several areas More Info
What are the benefits of Free Basic Internet (FBI) and how do I get it?

FBI is activated in the registered Pek Borneo SIM which will renews every 30days from the activation date. It will be utilized once you exhausted your based data quota or Data Booster to keep you connected.

Can I use hotspot with my Pek Borneo internet plans?

Yes, hotspot usage will be deducted from any base quota (subject to availability) or Data Booster quotas available for any internet plans. Once exhausted, you can purchase Data Boosters which can also be utilized for hotspot.

What are the unlimited ‘Connect’ apps?

The Connect Apps include WhatsApp, WeChat and more apps to be included in the future. The unlimited quota is subject to Tune Talk’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

How do I check the status or the balance of my internet plan quota?

For the best experience, we recommend checking your Tune Talk App! You can also SMS STATUS to 2222, or dial *134# (USSD).

How long is the period I have for me to opt in to the FREE 1GB data with the Tune Talk App?

You will only have 60days from the SIM dispense (activation) date. You will no longer able to view and opt in to the Free 1GB Welcome data after 60days has ended. To Opt in you may go to Tune Talk App > Plans > Freebies & Others

What is Free 1GB Data? How can I get it?

Any user who registered and activate NEW Tune Talk SIM from 5th September 2022 onwards, are eligible for FREE 1GB Welcome Data.

This FREE 1GB Welcome data can only be opt in ONCE via the Tune Talk App and valid for 7 days.

Does the Borneo25 come with validity?

Yes, when you purchase a Borneo25 plan it comes with a validity extension.

(e.g.) If you reload RM30 on 5th June 2023, the validity will extend up till 23:59,4th July 2023. If you purchase the Borneo25 Monthly plan on 10th June 2023, the validity will be further extended until 9th July 2023.

What are Data Boosters and how do I subscribe to it?

Data Boosters are additional data quotas that you can add-on to your existing internet plan. You can subscribe to Data Boosters via the “Get Add-Ons” menu in My Account page via the App or dial *111# USSD menu. Data Boosters will follow the validity of the internet plan and do not auto-renew.

What will happen if I have used up the internet plan quota completely?

Once you’ve fully utilized your internet plan quota, you will still be connected via basic internet speed. Alternatively, you may purchase available Data Boosters or repurchase a plan to enjoy better data usage experience.

Will the Pek JIMAT tariff still be available after 23rd May 2023?

Yes. While East Malaysia Subscribers has the option to register for Pek Borneo or Pek JIMAT, West Malaysia Subscribers will be limited to Pek JIMAT registration only.

Can I change to other plans aside from Borneo25?

Pek Borneo is a standalone tariff plan which only has Borneo25 plan. If you wish to change to any other plans such as other monthly plans, yearly plans or weekly passes you can switch to TTJIMAT at any time from the TT App. (switching to any legacy tariff plans will not be available)

I’m an existing user. Can I get Pek Borneo?

No. Pek Borneo only available for new East Malaysia Tune Talk user only.

The RM20 is stated as a promotion. How long can I enjoy Borneo25 at this price?

This is a limited pack and price promotion covering any Borneo25 plans subscribed (new or renewal) on or before 31st December 2023. After the promotion ends, Borneo25 will revert to a retail price of RM25.00 for all new or renewing subscriptions.

Tune Talk reserves the right to amend the period of promotion without prior notice at any time.

How can I become a Pek Borneo user?

Pek Borneo are eligible for:

  • NEW East Malaysia Tune Talk user who register a SIM pack after 00:01, 23rd May 2023; OR
  • East Malaysia users who request port-in to Tune Talk after 00:01, 23rd May 2023.
What are the privileges when I register to Tune Talk Pek Borneo (TTBorneo)?

Pek Borneo is Tune Talk’s latest range of plans that offers great value and peace of mind for your connectivity needs, exclusively for our friends in Sabah and Sarawak. It is a mobile internet plan which offers unlimited data and unlimited voice calls as low as RM20/month!