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What is the benefit of Tune Talk’s Free Basic Internet?

Free Basic Internet (FBI) is a service that enables Tune Talk users that have exhausted their existing data packages (bonus, mobile internet, paid or free) or no data packages to enjoy FREE always-on connectivity.

Tune Talkers will be allocated 10Gb of FBI data quota at 64kbps that is refreshed at the 1st of every calendar month.

Does this mean no more Pay-Per-Use charges?

Yes! If you have FBI, you will no longer be charged pay-per-use rates if you don’t have any Data Plans.

If I already have Free Basic Internet (FBI), can I still choose Pay-Per-Use?

No. Users who are enjoying FBI cannot opt for pay-per-use data usage.

What happens if I have exhausted my 10GB FBI quota?

Once 10GB FBI is exhausted, you can no longer enjoy data and you will need to subscribe to another Mobile Internet plan to continue to enjoy data.

Will I be notified on my FBI usage limit?

You will also receive an SMS notification from the us when your BI quota usage is at 90% and 100%.

How do I check the status or the balance of my quota?

You can check this by dialing *134# (USSD) or send FBI STATUS to 2222 or within the Tune Talk App.

Who is eligible for Free Basic Internet?

Free basic internet will be available for new subscribers after 15th January 2019 as well as selected existing subscribers by phases starting from the same mentioned date.

Eligible subscribers will be notified via SMS and you just have to follow the steps provided.