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Can I cancel my subscription?

No, once subscribed, you will need to wait until reaching end of the validity period.

How do I extend my credit validity?

You can extend your credit validity via the Tune Talk App  OR SMS EXT to 2222.

What happens to my current 1 Year Validity if I switch to Pek Jimat? Will it be forfeited?

No, your 1 Year Validity will not be forfeited if you decide to switch to Tune Talk Pek Jimat.

What is the cost to extend my credit validity for one year?
  • RM28 (No Basic Internet) – TuneTalk BUDDIES only
  • Rm 35 (No Basic Internet) – Tune Talk Pek Jimat, Tune Talk Hi-Value, Tune Talk Cun Value, and Tune Talk Value Prepaid
  • RM100 (Comes with 10GB Monthly Basic Internet) – Tune Talk HI-VALUE, Tune Talk CUN VALUE & Tune Talk VALUE only
One year is equivalent to how many days?

365 days.

When will the extended validity start?

The extended validity starts on the very day you receive the confirmation message upon subscription.

If I top-up RM50 and subscribe to this service, will my total validity be 50 days + 365 days?

No, your total validity will be 365 days from the day of subscripton. Validity will follow whichever is the longest.

What if I subscribe more than once?

You won’t be able to subscribe more than one time in a year.

Will my extended validity be automatically renewed every year?

No, you will need to re-subscribe annually 14 days before expired.

How would I know if my subscription is successful?

You will receive an SMS notification upon subscription.