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What is SMS?

SMS is short for Short Messaging Service. This service allows you to send short text messages of not more than 160 characters.

How do I send a text message?

For most phones, the steps are:

  • Select ‘Messages’
  • Select ‘Send To’ or ‘Send New’
  • Enter a mobile number or a contact from your phone list
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Write your message, select ‘Next’
  • Select ‘Options’, and select ‘Send’.
I can’t send a text message!

Below could be a few reasons:

What’s Your Status
Call *111# on your mobile. Then select Option 1 followed by Option 2. If the status says “barred” then you’ll need to make a top-up before you can make another call.

What’s My Airtime
Sometimes it could be as simple as not having enough airtime. To check, call *111# and select Option 1 followed by Option 1 again for the details.

Where’s My Network 
This one’s an easy one. Just look at your phone’s network bar. If there’s no bar highlighted (not even 1) then you’re in a low-coverage area. The only solution is to move to a place where the network’s signal stronger.

What’s My Line
This one requires a bit of digging into your phone settings. You’ll need to check if your phone’s using Line 1 or Line 2. If it’s on Line 2, you’ll need to switch it back to Line 1 instead.
For most phones, this means pressing the # key till the Change Line box appears. Select OK to proceed. Otherwise you may need to check your phone manual.

What’s My Message Centre Number 
In your Messages menu, check your Message Centre Number. Tune Talk’s message center number is +60193900045, so make sure that it’s the same number.

There’s a traffic jam!
Sometimes the network may just be congested. This usually happens around holidays and special festive occasions. There could also be a glitch with the network. In both cases, there’s no need to panic. Just send your text message a little later, perhaps after 15-30 minutes.

What happens if someone sends me a text message when my phone is switched off or when I’m out of the coverage area?

Your message will be kept on the server for 72 hours. Once you’re within the coverage area or when you switch your phone back on, the messages will be delivered like normal. However, if you have yet to retrieve your messages after 72 hours, it will be deleted from the server.

I was charged several times for my last text message! Why?

This may happen if you wrote a message that had more than 160 characters (including spaces). Therefore, your message will be sent according to the character limit.

We will move office on the 16th of February 2009. There may be an issue with internet connection as the network server has not been setup yet. We may have to consider working from home for the next one week.

Total characters: 207
Total text messages sent: 2
Message 1 will contain the first 160 characters, while message 2 will contain the remaining 47 words.

How do I know when I’ve received a new message?

You’ll receive an alert on your phone.

I’m having trouble receiving text messages!

Go through the checklist listed in question (3) first. If that doesn’t solve your problem, please send us an email at customer.care@tunetalk.com with the following details:

  • Full Name
  • NRIC / Passport Number
  • Tune Talk Number
  • Your Location
What would happen if someone sent me a long text message?

You might receive a message that has been broken into several parts if your mobile does not support long text messages.

How do I send an International text message?

You’ll need to add the international mobile number as though you were dialing it when you send the text message, i.e. [country code] [area code] [mobile number] e.g.+44 775 3455323

My contact hasn’t received any of the text messages I’ve sent.

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • Is text messaging enabled on your contact’s his mobile?
  • Does your contact’s phone have problems receiving all messages, or just yours?
  • Go through the troubleshooting process in question 3 to see if the problem lies in your phone.
  • If the problem persists, drop us an email at customer.care@tunetalk.com with the following details:
    • Full Name
    • NRIC / Passport Number
    • Tune Talk Number
    • Your Location
    • Your friend’s number
How much does one text message cost?

SMS rates may differ based on which prepaid pack that you are on. Kindly refer to your current prepaid pack.

Will my messages be deleted automatically?

No, you will need to delete them manually.

What happens if my text message cannot be sent?

You should receive a “delivery failed” message on your mobile (this may vary from phone to phone). You might want to retry at a later time.

How many messages can be stored in my inbox?

This depends on the phone model. However, if you are storing your messages in your SIM card, it may store up to twenty 160 character messages.