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How do I check the numbers on my Friends & Family list?

Login to your SelfCare account or dial *111# and select “List” option from the menu.

When can I start to enjoy Friends & Family?

Friends & Family is available on 16 March 2012 onwards.

What is the call rate for Friends & Family?

Only 10 sen per minute for local calls to your selected Tune Talk numbers, 24 hours a day.

Are there any charges to enjoy Friends & Family?

No, there is no charge or fee to enjoy Friends & Family. However, once you configured all 10 numbers, there will be a nominal fee of RM2 per transaction to make further changes.

Can I add any numbers onto my Friends & Family list?

No, Friends & Family is limited to Tune Talk numbers only.

How do I subscribe to Friends & Family?

You can configure your favourite 10 numbers via:

  • SelfCare – login and click on My Services and select TuneBuddies
  • Or *111# – option 5, Services and option 3, Tune Talk number.
What is Friends & Family?

Friends & Family is Tune Talk latest’s offer where you only pay 10 sen per minute to your ten favourite Tune Talk numbers, anytime of the day.