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Do you have different rates for different days or time of the day?

No, we do not. Our rates are the same at all times of the day.

How am I charged for my calls?

Your outgoing calls are charged in 60 second blocks.

Example: If you make a call lasting less than 30 seconds, you will be charged for a full 60 seconds and if you make a call that lasts a minute and 47 seconds, you will be charged for two minutes.

Will I be charged for inbound and 1-800 calls?

Your inbound calls will not be charged. Only outbound and 1-800 calls, are charged at your normal airtime rate. You will not be charged long distance for outbound 1-800 numbers.

Do my minutes ever expire?

Yes. Unused minutes do not get rolled over from month to month. Validity period of minutes will expire based on the last value of the top up. View the validity of the Top Up values here.