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Credit Transfer

What is International Airtime Credit Transfer?

International Airtime Credit Transfer is a service that allows Tune Talk prepaid subscribers to transfer a small amount of prepaid credits to overseas prepaid mobile accounts.

To whom can I transfer the prepaid credits?

You may transfer the prepaid credits from your Tune Talk Prepaid mobile number to another prepaid mobile number overseas (Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam). Varies between both shortcodes.

How can I qualify to use this service?

You must be a Tune Talk prepaid subscriber. You must be in active state and have enough balance to purchase International Airtime Credit Transfer.

Can I transfer prepaid credits while I’m roaming in another country (International Roaming)?

No, it is only available in Malaysia.

I have a credit balance of MYR10.00 left but the validity has expired. Can I still send International Airtime Credit Transfer?

No, your line has to be in “active” state to enjoy this service.

What is the minimum balance required in my prepaid account for me to perform an International Airtime Credit Transfer?

You can perform the International Airtime Credit Transfer as long as you have sufficient balance for the selected denomination.

Will the SMS for this service be free of charge?

All SMS sent are free.

How much can I transfer?

You can transfer a maximum of RM100 per day.

Is this service open to all Tune Talk prepaid rate plans?

Yes, all Tune Talk prepaid customers can use this service.

How much am I charged for the transfer?

You will only be charged for the denomination selected for the International Airtime Credit Transfer.

Will the sender receive confirmation when the International Airtime Credit Transfer is successful?

Yes. Tune Talk Prepaid subscribers will receive an SMS confirmation when the recipient receives the credit. The SMS will display the amount (in MYR) deducted from sender’s credit balance and the foreign amount received by the recipient.

Will there be any notifications sent to the recipient when the amount has been successfully transferred?

Recipient will receive an SMS notification on the amount transferred over (in foreign currency).

Can I send other denominations that are not listed?

No. You can only send according to the fixed denominations offered by Tune Talk.

Does the recipient receive the transfer in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) or foreign currency?

The denomination will be in foreign currency depending on the country.

Who can I contact for more information on this service?

You may contact Tune Talk’s Customer Care at 13100.

Is there any subscription fee for this service?

No subscription fee is required to use this service

How fast does my recipient get the airtime credited?

Within 5 minutes.

What happens if the recipient’s mobile telephone is not switched on when I purchase the airtime?

The recipient’s airtime balance will be increased (top-up) but the recipient might not receive the SMS notification. The sender will receive a successful SMS notification.

What happens if the recipient’s telephone number is already terminated when I purchase the airtime?

An invalid number message will be sent to the sender and the deducted amount will be refunded into the sender’s prepaid account.

Is there a limit to how many times I can purchase International Airtime Credit Transfer in a single day?

You can transfer a maximum of RM100 per day.