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What Is GPRS?

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Services. In comparison to the normal circuit switched platform, this feature gives you increased connection speed when accessing WAP or the Internet while you are on the move.

How will I be charged for using Data/Internet?

You will be charged a minimum of RM0.03 per MB. Multiple sessions will be charged RM0.03 per session notwithstanding that each session may not reach or exceed 1MB.

Example 1: – If you download 1MB of data, you will be charged RM0.03 or if you download 1.5MB, you will be charged RM0.06.

Example 2: – If you download 1MB of data, but it was done in 3 sessions, you will be charged RM0.09.

Note: Only applicable for Tune Talk Buddies Pack

Is there a minimum charge to use Data/Internet?

Yes, the minimum charge is 3 sen.

How much airtime credit will I need in order to use Data/Internet?

With Data/Internet, you will only be charged for the amount of data that is actually transferred. The cost of using Data/Internet is RM0.03/MB.

Example: If you download 1MB of data via Data/Internet, you will be charged RM0.03.

Do I need to register to access Data/Internet from my Tune Talk phone?

No, you don’t. Your Tune Talk account comes with Data/Internet pre-activated.

What if my Data/Internet doesn’t load even after I change my settings?

You may call our Customer Care at 13100 (local call rates apply) or send an email to customer.care@tunetalk.com