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Google Play Direct Carrier Billing Airtime Payment T&Cs

  1. Google Direct carrier billing (“DCB”) is a mobile payment option that lets Tune Talk Subscribers to pay any digital content like apps, games, eBooks, etc. (“Content”) purchased and downloaded from Google Play™ Store using your airtime balance (“Airtime”) in your Tune Talk active subscription account (“Account”).
  2. By choosing your Tune Talk Account Airtime to purchase any Content from Google Play Store, you are deemed to have read and hereby agree to these terms and conditions of use(‘DCB Terms and Conditions”) which shall be supplementary to the Tune Talk Service Subscription (“Service Subscription Terms and Conditions”).
  3. Your purchase, download and use of the Content are subject to the relevant Google Play Store terms and conditions together with the privacy policy which are available on https://play.google.com/intl/en_my/about/play-terms.html and on https://www.google.com/intl/en-GB_my/policies/privacy/ and/or with the respective App providers with its respective privacy policies.
  4. This DCB Terms and Conditions, Service Subscription Terms and Conditions, Google Play Store Terms and Conditions along with the relevant privacy policies may be amended from time to time without notice to you and any decisions made by Tune Talk shall be final and no further correspondence will be entertained.
  5. Tune Talk deserve the rights to change the cooling period eligibility of a mobile number/tariff group & also have the rightful authority to terminate/suspend any mobile number/email that suspicious of fraudulence activity

Registration and Usage

  1. To enable you to use your Tune Talk Service Airtime, you shall first ensure that:
    1. you have a valid Gmail account;
    2. you have an active Tune Talk Subscription and your device must be on an Active Tune Talk Mobile Network;
    3. you must have enough Airtime credit balance in your account to purchase your desired Content from Google Play™ Store;
    4. one-time setup for your first purchase on Google Play™ Store, you need to add “use Tune Talk Billing” as your preferred payment method. Once Tune Talk Billing payment is selected, it shall be your default payment method for purchases made at Google Play™ Store until you change it.
  2. You may purchase your desired Content using your Tune Talk Account while you on roaming overseas. This will only be enabled if you have performed the default payment setup in Malaysia accordingly.
  3. Tune Talk shall have the right at any time to stop your ability to purchase Content from Google Play™ using your Tune Talk Account, with or without notice including if there is reasonable or suspected fraudulent or unauthorized use or if our agreement with Google Play™ terminates or for any reasons.
  4. In the event where you have switched or port out your Tune Talk number to another operator, you will no longer able to use Tune Talk Billing to purchase Google Play Store Content. However, you will remain responsible for all fees and charges incurred before switching to other operator. Refunds are not applicable for mobile numbers that have been ported out from Tune Talk Network.
  5. The Content in Google Play Store is not owned or under Tune Talk responsibility or jurisdiction hence Tune Talk is not responsible for, nor do we endorse or have any involvement in the operation of or any matter relating to the Content. In the event you encounter any issues with the purchased Content, you shall directly contact Google or the Content Developer/Provider for assistance which is not related to billing.

Purchase limit

  1. Each monthly cumulative purchase is limited up to RM200 per month. Purchase or purchases made for a day is limited to RM100.
  2. In the event your purchase reaches the daily/monthly limit, Tune Talk Billing option will not be displayed in the payment option any further. As such, you are required to choose other available payment options if subs wish to proceed with Content purchase.


  1. Subscriber shall contact Google or the App Provider for any refund request for any successful or unsuccessful Content purchases. Tune Talk shall not be held responsible nor will entertain any refund request for successful or unsuccessful Content purchases.
  2. Any refund request will be subjected to the applicable Google terms and refund policy.
  3. Tune Talk will only provide credit refund subject to direction to do so by Google by crediting the amount into your prepaid account. This refund request must follow step 13.


  1. This terms and condition are bound with the general terms and condition of Tune Talk Sdn Bhd.
  2. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and Tune Talk, and supersede and call all prior and contemporaneous agreement, claims, representations, and understandings. No modification or amendment of this agreement will be binding on you and Tune Talk unless set forth in writing signed by Tune Talk.
  3. Tune Talk reserves the right to change, modify or otherwise alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. You can find the most recent version on our website. Such notification shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof.
  4. Authenticity of registration will be subject to audit and checks by Tune Talk. If registration is proved to be fraudulent including but not limited due to false IDs, commercial usage, unauthorized registration, etc. Tune Talk reserves the right to terminate the line without notice.
  5. All queries pertaining to the above Service should be directed to Tune Talk’s Customer Care by calling 13100 or 03-2771 7000 from 8am – 10pm daily.
  6. Where the terms & conditions are translated into a language other than English Language, in the event of any inconsistencies, conflict or discrepancies between the terms and conditions set out in the English Language version and that of the other language(s), the English Language version shall prevail.
  7. The terms and conditions herein shall be governed and construed in the laws of Malaysia and the subscribers agree unconditionally to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Malaysia.
  8. The subscriber’s personal information is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act,2010 requirements as stated here at Tune Talk Privacy Policy. Kindly refer to the link for detailed information and understanding of the scope of the privacy policy therein.