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19 Aug, 2022 未经请求的应用程序通知 更多信息

TT Buddies - Unlimited Call Plan

The Tune Talk UNLIMITED Plan, hereinafter referred to as “Plan” is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This Tune Talk UNLIMITED Plan (‘Plan’) terms and conditions (‘Plan Terms and Conditions’) shall be supplementary to the Tune Talk Service Subscription (‘Service Subscription Terms and Conditions’)
  2. All subscribers that participate in this Plan are bound by the Plan Terms & Condition terms together with the Service Subscription Terms and Condition and/or any other terms and conditions related to the provision of Tune Talk’s Service. Tune Talk reserve the sole and absolute right to amend, modify, vary or change any Plan or Service Subscription Terms and Conditions at time without any prior notice to Subscribers.
  3. The Plan is valid for all existing and new Tune Talk subscribers (“TT Subs”) (“Subscribers”) as well as those on the +Vibe Plan. Tone Excel, Tone Plus subscribers are excluded.
  4. This will be available for new subscriptions or renewals to the Plan from 18th December 2018 until further notice
  5. Any SMS quota from subscriptions prior to 18th December will be valid throughout the period of the existing plan.
  6. The Plan comes with the following voice minute and SMS quota, validity and price for TT Subs:
    • Unlimited Plan – UNLIMITED all-net local minutes and 100 all-net local SMS allocation for 30 days from date and time of subscription at the cost of RM30. Calls to premium/special numbers (including but not exclusive to 1-300, 1-800, and others) will incur charges as per applicable rates.
    • 1GB Booster Plan – 1GB of high speed DATA which follows the validity of the Unlimited Plan at the cost of RM5. (Can only be purchased if there is an active Unlimited Plan)
    • 10GB Basic Internet quota
  7. To subscribe to the Plan, TT Subs must send the desired keyword to 2222
    • Unlimited Plan – type “UNL” and send to 2222
    • 1GB Booster Plan – type “BP1” and send to 2222
  8. Each mobile number can only subscribe to the Unlimited Plan once every 10 days (count includes the day the plan was subscribed)
  9. The Plans will be auto renewed upon validity expiry, between 12:00am midnight to 1:00am.
  10. In the event either Quota is exhausted before the expiry, users can get an additional voice minute Quota by sending the desired keyword to 2222. Please note that any unused voice minute quota from the previous subscription does not carry forward.
    • 1GB Booster Plan – type “BP1 ADD” and send to 2222
  11. In the event that the Subscriber has insufficient balance to be auto-renewed, the subscription will be deactivated. To enjoy the data plan again Subscriber can top up and re-subscribe.
  12. In the event that the subscriber is not in ACTIVE status (ACTIVE status means that a subscriber’s Tune Talk credit validity has not expired), the subscriber will not be able to utilise the voice Quota until they return to ACTIVE status.
  13. To unsubscribe from the Plans, subscribers must send the desired keyword to 2222:
    • Unlimited Plan – type “UNL STOP” and send to 2222
    • 1GB Booster Plan – type “BP1 STOP” and send to 2222
  14. To check on status, subscribers must send the desired keyword to 2222:
    • Unlimited Plan – type “UNL STATUS” and send to 2222
    • 1GB Booster Plan – type “BP1 STATUS” and send to 2222
  15. Subscribers can only subscribe to 1(one) Plan at any one time. For subscribers that are already subscribed to an existing voice minute plan, subscribing to a new plan will supersede their current plan and any unused quota will be forfeited and refunds will not be entertained. Once the Plans have been exhausted, usage of the service will revert back to the original rates.
  16. All queries pertaining to the above Plans should be directed to Tune Talk’s Customer Care by calling 13100 or 03-2771 7000 from 8am – 10pm daily.
  17. Tune Talk reserves the right to temporarily block, suspend or cancel the subscription to the Plan or Service if Tune Talk has reasonable grounds that the Plan and/or Service has been abused, used or exploited commercially without Tune Talk authorization, fraud or against any law. (Refer to Terms of Service)
  18. Where the terms & conditions are translated into a language other than English Language, in the event of any inconsistencies, conflict or discrepancies between the terms and conditions set out in the English Language version and that of the other language(s), the English Language version shall prevail.
  19. The terms and conditions herein shall be governed and construed in the laws of Malaysia and the subscribers agree unconditionally to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Malaysia.
  20. The subscriber’s personal information is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 requirements as stated here at Tune Talk Privacy Policy. Kindly refer to the link for detailed information and understanding of the scope of the privacy policy therein.