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19 Aug, 2022 未经请求的应用程序通知 更多信息

TT CUN VALUE Prepaid Pack T&Cs

This Tune Talk CUN VALUE Prepaid pack, (“TTCVP pack”) terms and conditions (“TTCVP Pack Terms and Conditions”) is subjected to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This Tune Talk CUN VALUE Prepaid pack, (“TTCVP Pack”) terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) shall be supplementary to the Tune Talk Service Subscription (‘Service Subscription Terms and Conditions”) and shall be read together with Tune Talk CUN VALUE Prepaid Data Plan (“TTCVP Data Plan Terms and Conditions”).
  2. TTCVP Pack shall be made available to eligible Tune Talk Subscribers on 26 August 2019 (“Effective Date”) to 23th August 2021 (“End date”). Eligible new Tune Talk subscribers (as of 00:01hrs 26 August 2019 to 23:59, 23th August 2021) and existing Tune Talk subscribers (collectively as “Tune Talk Subscribers”) that participate in this TTCVP Pack are bound by this TTCVP Pack Terms and Conditions together with the Service Subscription Terms and Conditions (link), TTCVP Data Plan Terms and Conditions and/or any other terms and conditions related to the provision of Tune Talk’s Service. Tune Talk reserves the sole and absolute right to amend, modify, vary or change any TTCVP Pack Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice to Subscribers. Any decisions made by Tune Talk shall be final and no further correspondence will be entertained.
  3. Eligible Tune Talk Subscribers include subscribers who submit their port-in request on Effective Date and onwards
  4. Subscribers who do not opt to switch to TTCVP Pack can continue on their current respective plans  until such plans are discontinued or decided otherwise by Tune Talk.
  5. Eligibility to subscribe to the TTCVP pack is subjected to Tune Talk’s sole discretion.
  6. Switching to the TTCVP Pack shall be made known to eligible Tune Talk Subscribers via Tune Talk App or SMS for 300 pts
    1. To switch to TTCVP pack via Tune Talk App following these steps:
      STEP 1 = Download / Update to the latest version of Tune Talk App;
      STEP 2 = In “My Account”, Tap “Redeem” at the top right corner;
      STEP 3 = Tap “Switch to CUN VALUE Pack”, Check all the boxes and tap “Confirm”;
      STEP 4 = To receive SMS upon successfully switching.
    2. To switch to TTCVP pack via SMS, subscribers must type ‘TTCUN’ and send to 2222.
    3. *There are no charges for the SMS sent to 2222.
    4. Eligible Subscribers will be notified via SMS whereupon you will be asked to follow specific steps provided.
    5. Upon successful switching to the TTCVP pack, all of the Subscriber’s existing data quota will be forfeited along with any existing Freebies (Free Data from Campaigns, etc.), Data Plans (Data Plan or +VIBE), booster plans and so on. It is highly advisable for you to utilize all available data quota, voice and sms before switching to the TTCVP pack.
    6. For existing subscribers, switching to TTCVP pack is not compulsory. Subscribers may still remain with their current respective plans.
    7. Once subscriber has switched to TTCVP, Subscriber is not allowed to revert back to your old plan or claim for any forfeited quota.
    8. Upon switching to the TTCVP pack Subscriber will be given Free Basic Internet (“FBI”) of 10GB at the speed of 64 kbps. FBI will be refreshed after 30 days. To enjoy high speed data again Subscriber can subscribe to any of the data plans offered within the TTCVP pack.
  7. All data, voice or sms plan are subject to Tune Talk’s Fair Usage Policy or promotions solely determined by Tune Talk from time to time.

Free Basic Internet Plan (FBI)

  1. FBI is a free basic service that is made available to Tune Talk Subscribers who have switched to TTCVP Plan. It is a 10GB data for 30 days at 64kbps. It allows Subscribers who have exhausted their existing data packages (bonus, mobile internet, paid or free) or having no data packages, to enjoy always-on basic data connectivity at no cost.
    1. Once the 10GB FBI quota is exhausted at any time before the monthly expiry date a notification sms will be sent, Subscriber’s data will cease to function and Subscriber will need to subscribe to another mobile Internet data plan to enjoy data. No carrying forward of the unutilized quota of FBI is allowed.
    2. Subscriber’s credit validity will not change after switching (e.g. if it currently expires on February 2019, it will remain as such even after switching).
    3. Subscriber will be notified via an SMS notification on Subscriber’s FBI quota usage when it reaches 90% and 100%.
    4. To enjoy the Free Basic Internet, Tune Talk Subscriber must be in TTCVP plan and remain in ACTIVE status.
    5. The FBI quota made available herein is non-transferable, whether by operation of law or otherwise, either to any other person, entity or any other Subscriber’s prepaid account.
    6. FBI data can only be used domestically i.e. within Malaysia only, and is subject to roaming charges when used overseas.
    7. Tune Talk reserves the right to cease, alter or suspend the provision of the FBI usage at any time without prior notice based on its sole and absolute discretion. In view thereof and for the avoidance of doubt, such alteration, cancellation, termination or suspension by Tune Talk does not entitle the Subscribers to any claims and/or compensation against Tune Talk (whether in cash or in kind) for any and all losses or damages suffered or incurred by the Subscribers as a direct or indirect result of the act of alteration, cancellation, termination or suspension thereof.
    8. By using Tune Talk FBI, the Subscribers acknowledge that they understand and agree to the terms and conditions herein and agree to abide by it at all times.
  2. Any queries pertaining to the above TTCVP pack should be directed to Tune Talk’s Customer Care by calling 13100 or 03-2771 7000 from 8am to 10pm daily.
  3. Where the terms & conditions are translated into a language other than the English Language, in the event of any inconsistencies, conflicts or discrepancies between the terms and conditions set out in the English Language version and that of the other language(s), the English Language version shall prevail. Words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa, and words denoting any gender include all genders, and words applicable to natural persons include references to a firm, body corporate or unincorporated, association or an authority, and vice versa.
  4. The terms and conditions herein shall be governed and construed in the laws of Malaysia and the subscribers agree unconditionally to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Malaysia.