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Who qualifies for this plan?

Anyone who purchases a device that offers a Tune Talk Device Plan from the Tune Talk Online Store.

I have an existing Tune Talk number. Will I still enjoy the FREE DATA allocation for this plan?

Yes of course! All you have to do is provide us with the Tune Talk number you would like to nominate for the FREE DATA. Do note that you will have to use this number with device purchased to enjoy the FREE DATA.

Do I need to use the device I purchased with the nominated Tune Talk number to enjoy the FREE DATA?

Yes. This is one of the conditions to enjoy the FREE DATA! The FREE DATA will not be granted if this condition is not met.

Will I still enjoy the FREE DATA if my account is in inactive status?

No. You will need to maintain an Active status for your account in order to continue receiving the FREE DATA.

What happens to my FREE DATA If I switch operators?

Once you have switched Operators, you will no longer receive the FREE DATA and are not entitled to any reimbursement for the unused FREE DATA.

What happens if I do not fully utilize my allocation for this month?

All unused data will not carry forward and will not add towards the allocation for the new month.

If I already have FREE DATA from my reload, which data allocation will be utilized first?

The FREE DATA from this device plan will be utilized first. Once the data has been fully used, then the FREE DATA from your reload will be utilized.

If I already have a monthly data plan, will this plan add on to my data quota?

Yes! The FREE DATA from this Device Plan will add on to your existing data quota from your monthly Data Plan. The data from the Device Plan will be utilized first.