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What is *888# Content?

A content provider feature by Tune Talk that allows subscriber to receive latest new, fun facts and lifestyle tips

Will I be charged after dialing *888# and select from the menu?

No charges incurred. You can dial *888# and select from the menu for free. You will only get charged upon subscription.

Will I get charged when I dial *888# and select one of the services?

Users will get charged upon receiving the confirmation SMS and subscription confirmation.

How do I subscribe to one of the services?

Select the service and click OK. Your credit will be deducted upon receiving the confirmation SMS and content.

How long can I browse after dialling *888#? Is there any time limit?

You could stay for 30 seconds on each menu.

Eg: If you go to the first section of the menu, the time limit is 30 seconds. When you go to the next section of the menu, it will be reset to 30 seconds again.

If I subscribe to one of the services, how often will I receive the content?

We offer different services with different delivery time; Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

If I browse in my preferred language, e.g. Indonesian, will I receive the content in Indonesian as well?

Yes, you will receive the content in Indonesian and same goes to English and Malay, the content that you subscribed will be based on your language preference.

What if I have subscribed to one of the services and my credit has been deducted but I don’t receive any content?

You can report this to our Customer Care at (03-2771 7000) or dial (13100). You can also Live Chat with us and we will assist you accordingly.