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What is Direct Carrier Billing in Google Play?

A payment feature by Tune Talk that allows you to purchase any digital content (Apps, Games, E-book, etc.) in Google Play securely using your Tune Talk credit balance.

Who can use the Tune Talk Direct Billing?

It is available for all active Tune Talk subscribers.

How do I enable Tune Talk Billing option on Google Play?

a. You have a valid Gmail account;
b. You have an active Tune Talk subscription and your device must be on active Tune Talk mobile network;
c. You must have enough Airtime credit balance in your account to purchase your desired content from Google Play™ Store;
d. One-time setup is required for your first purchase on Google Play™ Store. Add “use Tune Talk Billing” as your preferred payment method. Once Tune Talk Billing payment is selected, it shall be your default payment method for purchases made at Google Play™ Store until you change it.

Is there any purchase limit?

Yes, each monthly cumulative purchase is limited up to RM200 per month. Purchase or purchases for each day is limited to RM100.

Can I still purchase Google Play Content once I reach the daily/monthly limit?

In the event where you have reached the daily/monthly limit, Tune Talk Billing option will not be displayed in the payment options. As such, you are required to choose other available payment options if you wish to proceed with Content purchase.

Will I be informed once payment is successful?

Yes, you will receive an email notification from Google and also an SMS notification from Tune Talk.

How to prevent accidental or unwanted purchases?

Google Play™ password protection feature requires you to enter a password before each Content purchase.

How do I turn on my password protection in Google Play™?

To turn on the password protection feature in Google Play:

  1. Launch Google Play™ app on your device
  2. Go to > Menu icon > Settings
  3. Select > Require authentication for purchases > Choose a setting
  4. Complete setup by following the step by step instructions.

We strongly advise you to turn on the password protection feature in Google Play™ as Tune Talk will not be held responsible for any accidental/unwanted purchases that are charged to your prepaid account.

Can I request refund for a Content purchase that I do not like?

There is an immediate Google Refund Policy window of 2 hours. It is as simple as going back to the recent installed app and clicking the Refund button. It will immediately uninstall the app and process your refund request.

For any purchase made more than 2 hours, you will only be able to see the Uninstall button. In this case, you may refer to Google’s Refund and Return for more details.

How long does the Refund process take?

Refunds will take a different duration that will be subjected to the applicable Google terms and refund policy.