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International Traveller SIM T&Cs

  1. This International Traveller SIM Service Plan (“Plan”) terms and conditions (“Plan Terms and Conditions”) shall be supplementary to the Tune Talk Service Subscription (‘Service Subscription Terms and Conditions”).
  2. Subscribers who subscribe to this Plan are deemed to have read, understood and be bound by the Plan Terms and Conditions together with the Service Subscription Terms and Conditions and/or any other terms and conditions related to the provision of Tune Talk’s Service upon purchase or subscription of the Plan.
  3. Tune Talk reserves the sole and absolute right to amend, modify, vary or change any Service or Plan Subscription Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice to Subscribers. In addition, Tune Talk reserves the sole right to increase or reduce the subscription quota of the Plan without any prior notice or reason to subscribers.
  4. Tune Talk may cancel the Plan or terminate the Service if Tune Talk has reasonable information or suspicion that the Subscriber uses the Service improperly, abusively, in exploitation of the Service, causing outage, congestion, unlawful intrusion to the Service’s network or in contravention to any law.
  5. Tune Talk shall not be liable for loss or damage caused to Subscriber for actions taken by Tune Talk in item 3 or 4 above.
  6. Plan is valid for new Tune Talk subscribers only. Existing subscribers are not eligible to subscribe to this Plan.
  7. Eligibility:
    1. Non-Malaysian with Passport aged 12 or above
    2. Malaysia with NRIC aged 12 or above
  8. Registration:
    1. New subscribers need to present original NRIC (Malaysia) or original Passport (Non-Malaysia) to dealers for registration purposes using OCR.
    2. Registration up to 5 SIM (s) per NRIC/Passport.
  9. Method of subscription:
    1. Tune Talk Application; or
    2. Any other method(s) as determined by Tune Talk from time to time.
  10. The Plan:
    1. International Traveller SIM consists of 2 packs. RED Pack and BLACK Pack.
      Data Allocation4GB High Speed Internet4GB High Speed Internet

      12 Countries

      1. Malaysia
      2. Singapore
      3. Thailand
      4. Indonesia
      5. MACAU (SAR)
      6. Australia
      7. Cambodia
      8. Hong Kong (SAR)
      9. Taipei, Kaohsiung
      10. Myanmar
      11. Bangladesh
      12. Sri Lanka

      6 Countries

      1. China
      2. Philippines
      3. Japan
      4. Vietnam
      5. India
      6. South Korea
      Validity7 Days7 Days
    2. The Plan as detailed out in item 10 above may be amended by Tune Talk from time to time.
    3. The Plan subscription cut off time shall follow Malaysia time zone (GMT+8) which will end at 23.59hrs. This plan is valid for 7 days (“Validity Period”) and includes an additional one day (1) to accommodate Subscribers roaming outside Malaysia who are in different time zones other than Malaysia.
    4. Subscription of the Plan is not auto-renewal. Within the Validity Period Subscriber may only re-subscribe / purchase to the same package as purchased earlier (Red Pack-RM30.00) or (Black Pack- RM60.00). Re-subscription or purchase can be done via Tune Talk Apps only based on the following conditions:
      1. If the Data Quota is exhausted and Subscriber does not re-subscribe to the Plan, Subscribers will not be able to use the Service’s broadband although within the Validity Period.
      2. Subscribers may purchase multiple plans per time for Red or Black pack only. Subscribing to additional plans will not override your current plan.
      3. The Validity Plan will be renewed once Subscribers subscribe to additional plans. The Validity Plan of the existing Plan will be overridden.
      4. Existing data balance will be fully utilized before the new data re-subscription is added in.
      5. A usage and balance data notification will be sent to Subscribers once Subscribers’ usage of the Data Quota reaches 90% and 100% respectively. At any time Subscribers may view his/her data usage at the Tune Talk App (http://bit.ly/applTT) or by dialing *134# .
  11. Payment:
    1. Payment for the Plan shall be made via Credit or Debit Card or online banking facilities accepted by Tune Talk payment gateway.
    2. Once payment is successful, the plan will be provisioned at any time within 15 minutes time.
    3. OTP (one-time password) or TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) will be sent to the mobile number registered to the required bank.
  12. The International Traveller SIM Service Plan can be purchased in advance from Tune Talk Website and the Sim Pack can be collected at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) or sent by courier via Gdex (Domestic-Malaysia Only) and Pos Malaysia (International).
  13. For international shipping, it will cost RM12 flat rate for worldwide delivery. Advance purchase for at least 1 months’ time is required for international shipping while cost of RM8 for local delivery and minimum 7 days in advance.
  14. The international delivery will take anytime within 14 working days to reach while for local delivery is within 3 – 5 working days.
  15. Authenticity of registration will be solely subject to audit and checks by Tune Talk. If registration is suspected to be fraudulent including but not limited to false ID’s, commercial usage, unauthorized registration, etc. Tune Talk reserves the right to terminate the line immediately without notice.
  16. Tune Talk reserves the right to temporarily block, suspend or cancel the subscription to the Promotion or Service if Tune Talk has reasonable grounds that the Promotion and/or Service has been abused, used or exploited commercially without Tune Talk authorization, fraud or against any law. (Refer to Term of Service)
  17. Authenticity of registrations will be subject to audit and checks by Tune Talk. If registration is proven to be fraudulent including but not limited due to false IDs, commercial usage, unauthorized registrations, etc. Tune Talk reserves the right to terminate the line without notice.
  18. All queries pertaining to the above Promotions should be directed to Tune Talk’s Customer Care by calling 13100 or 03-2771 7000 from 8am to 10pm daily or chat with us on 24/7 daily.
  19. Where the terms & conditions are translated into a language other than the English Language, in the event of any inconsistencies, conflicts or discrepancies between the terms and conditions set out in the English Language version and that of the other language(s), the English Language version shall prevail.
  20. The terms and conditions herein shall be governed and construed in the laws of Malaysia and the subscribers agree unconditionally to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Malaysia.
  21. The subscriber’s personal information is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act, 2010 requirements as stated here at Tune Talk Privacy Policy. Kindly refer to the link for detailed information and understanding of the scope of the privacy policy therein.