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When can I redeem my points?

Anytime anywhere! Redeem via App or Selfcare.

Will there be a confirmation SMS upon successful redemption?

Yes. You will receive a SMS within 5mins.

How can I check my points balance?

Check your Points balance by dialing *133# or check through the Tune Talk Mobile.

What can I redeem with my points?

View our Goodies catalogue via the Tune Talk Mobile app now.

Can I redeem airasia points via SMS?

airasia points redemption is only applicable via App or Self care.

Do I need to have an airasia member ID to transfer my points?

Yes. Upon converting your points to airasia points, you will need to enter your airasia member ID.

What If I don’t have enough points to redeem any goodies?

Don’t worry, simply top-up to earn Points. Find out more

Will my points expire?

Yes. Points collected from 1st February 2018 onward will have a two (2) year validity period. Find out more HERE.

Can I redeem different data goodies?

Yes, you may. However, be advised only different data goodies can co-exist and be stacked. Redeeming the same data goodies will overwrite the existing data goodie.

Do I get to enjoy 120GB data upon successful redemption?

Yes, but only 10GB data will be released each month for 12 times.

I am currently subscribed to a data plan. What will happen if I redeem the 120GB yearly data plan?

Please note that your current data plan will be automatically terminated so we suggest fully exhausting your current plan first to fully maximize.

Is it only the 120GB yearly plan redemption? What about other plans?

Yes, it is only the 120GB plan. The other data Goodies can coexist with any of your other active data plans.

If I am on the 120GB yearly plan (redeemed via points), and I ran out of data, can I subscribe to other data plans for extra data?

The Goodie works like any data plan and you should avoid subscribing to other data plans as it will override. We recommend activating the 10GB booster for just RM10, which will be valid for the remainder of the monthly cycle.