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Are the redemption mechanics same across all the deals?

No. Each lifestyle deal may have its own unique redemption method and usage journey, which are detailed in its specific terms and conditions and can be found on its respective pages within the Tune Talk App.

When can I redeem the #JomEnjoy deals?

Anytime! However, please note that the deals catalogue is not fixed and may change from time to time. If you see a deal that you like, redeem it before it runs out!

Where can I find the latest #JomEnjoy deals?

The #JomEnjoy deals catalogue can be accessed on the Tune Talk App.

What offers are available on #JomEnjoy?

You may find telecommunications and lifestyle deals that are redeemable via Points and/or airtime credit.

Upon having issues while redeeming the deals, who should I be contacting for assistance?

All queries pertaining to pre-redemption, you should be contacting our Tune Talk’s Customer Care by Live Chat ,calling 13100 or 03-2771 7000 (non-Tune Talk or overseas) from 8am to 10pm daily.

I have accidentally swiped right to use the deal, what do I do?

If you are not ready to use it, we advise you to take a screenshot of or copy down the promo code. Once the timer runs out, you may no longer have access to the promo code.

Can I retrieve the deals back upon expiry?

No. You are encouraged to use the deals before meeting the expiry date.

I have just redeemed a deal but it is not showing on the My Rewards page. What do I do?

Our system may take several minutes to validate the transaction. If the deal takes longer than 10 minutes to appear on the My Rewards page, kindly contact our Customer Care for further action.

Where can I check the redeemed deals and the details?

All the redeemed deals will be available at Tune Talk App on the My Rewards Page under Available Rewards. Upon successful usage or expiry, the deals will be moved to Past Rewards.

How can I keep track of my Points redemptions?

You may track all your Points-related transactions in the Points History section in the Loyalty Tiering page in the Tune Talk App.

What are the available methods to redeem the deals?

The deals are redeemable or purchasable via Points, cash (in the form of airtime credit, FPX or credit/debit card), or a combination of both Points and cash.

Upon having issues while using the redeemed deals, who should I be contacting for assistance?

All queries pertaining to post redemption, you should be contacting the particular merchant’s Customer Care which is stated in the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Can I transfer my redeemed deals to other mobile numbers?

No. The redemptions are mobile number-specific and are not transferable to other mobile numbers.