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Upon changing tariffs, what happens to my accumulated Points?

Change of tariffs plans (between TT Buddies and TT Value Prepaid) WILL NOT result in point forfeiture. On the contrary, external change of tariffs (e.g. from Tone Excel to TT Value Prepaid) WILL RESULT in point forfeiture.

Upon termination, what happens to my accumulated Points?

Termination of service will result in forfeiture of all accumulated Points with immediate effect. Once forfeited, the Points cannot be retrieved or transferred to another account.

Can I transfer my Points to other account?

No, the Tune Talk Points are unique to each mobile number.

I have just made a top up and my Points are not added. What should I do?

Our system may take several minutes to validate the top up transaction and credit the Points. If it takes longer than 10 minutes, please contact our Customer Care for further action.

What are the criteria for my Loyalty tier?

Your Loyalty tier is decided based on your lifetime Points, which are the Points you have accumulated throughout your stay with Tune Talk. Subscribers with 0 to 1,499 pts will be classified in the Silver tier, while subscribers with more than 1,500 pts will be placed in the Gold tier.

What can I do with the Points?

You may use your Tune Talk Points to redeem the various lifestyle deals and data goodies available in the Tune Talk App.

Is there a validity period for my Points?

Yes. As of 31st January 2018, ALL existing Points will have a 5 (Five) year expiry and starting from 1st February 2018, ALL new Points will have a 2 (Two) year expiry.

How do I increase my Points through Tune Talk?

You can increase your Points through topping up.

Top Up Denomination Points
RM 3 3
RM 4 4
RM 5 8
RM 10 20
RM 15 30
RM 20 40
RM 30 70
RM 50 120
RM 100 240
RM 200 480
RM 300 720
RM 500 1200
RM 1000 2400


What are Tune Talk Points?

Tune Talk Points are loyalty points you will earn by reloading via your Tune Talk App and they will be placed into your Tune Talk account.