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What will happen to my existing Points when I transfer to airasia points?

Your Points will be converted into airasia points on a ratio of 1 pts : 1 airasia points.

What happens if I have not earned 3,000 pts? Will I still be able to transfer my Points to airasia points?

You will need to earn minimum 3,000 pts in order to transfer to your airasia membership account. If you do not have an airasia member ID, please register at airasia.com/rewards or call Tune Talk’s Customer Care at 13100 or 03-2771 7000.

How do I increase my Points through Tune Talk?

You can increase your Points through topping up.

Top Up Denomination Points
RM 3 3
RM 4 4
RM 5 8
RM 10 20
RM 15 30
RM 20 40
RM 30 70
RM 50 120
RM 100 240
RM 200 480
RM 300 720
RM 500 1200
RM 1000 2400
I already have an existing airasia member ID, can I still redeem if I have than 3,000 pts in my Tune Talk account?

If you have an existing airasia member ID, you can start redeeming from the airasia loyalty programme with your airasia points. However, there needs to be minimum 3,000 pts on your Tune Talk account to be transferred to your airasia membership account.

How/What can I redeem from airasia loyalty programme?

Log on to airasia.com/rewards to find out all these perks.

What is an airasia member?

Every airasia membership cardholder is identified as an airasia member.

What are Tune Talk Points?

Tune Talk Points are loyalty points you will earn by reloading via your Tune Talk App and they will be placed into your Tune Talk account. To use these Points on the airasia Loyalty Programme, you will have to transfer them to your airasia membership account upon earning 3,000 pts.

You also earn airasia points when you use your airasia member ID to purchase airasia tickets or spend with VISA accepting merchants, and selected airasia partners.

Can I still redeem for Tune Talk’s merchandise, concerts, movies Etc with Points?

Tune Talk’s merchandise, concert and movie tickets will be available for redemption with Points that are in your Tune Talk account only.

What other perks can I enjoy with airasia loyalty programme?

To find out more, visit  https://www.airasia.com/rewards