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Why choose Tune Talk?

Exciting deals from our partners nationwide like Tune Protect, Dunkin Donuts and many more.

Are there add-ons to my Tune Talk prepaid account?

Yes there are! You’ll get these Value-Added Services:
– Miscall Notification

What Prepaid Tariff Plans are being offered by Tune Talk?

Tune Talk offers great value prepaid mobile internet plans and peace of mind for your connectivity needs. Check out our latest plans here.

What is Tune Talk?

Tune Talk is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) offering ‘no-frills’ mobile prepaid services with the lowest calling rates around.

Does Tune Talk offer postpaid services?

Nope, we’re prepaid all the way.

I would like to lodge a dispute, how do I go about it?

If you have a dispute, you can send an email to customer.care@tunetalk.com or contact us via Live Chat for further assistance.

How much is a Tune Talk SIM pack?

Get our SIM Pack at the price of RM5 each.

How do I get a new SIM pack?

Random number
Drop by any Tune Talk Prepaid dealer and get it off the shelves.

If you wanna choose your own number, follow these steps:

  • Log on to www.tunetalk.com
  • Click on Register. Complete the form (no false details now!)
  • Choose your preferred number and print your receipt
  • Visit your nearest Tune Talk dealer, show him your receipt, and buy a Tune Talk SIM pack with your chosen number
I’ve got my Tune Talk SIM card. Now what?

Pop the SIM into your phone, go through the simple steps and you’re activated.

Where can I get the latest Tune Talk updates?

You can visit www.tunetalk.com for more info. We’ll also send you messages from time to time about great deals and offers from our partners!