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How do I check my account balance?

Here are some of the ways to check your account balance:

Call IVR : by dialing 13101 and then follow these steps:
First, select your preferred language
Select option 1 for Account Info
Select option 1 for Balance and Validity
You may press 1 to repeat the balance & validity read-out
USSD Menu : Dial *133# and press Send.
Login to Self Care account. Then follow these steps:
Choose Mobile Number
Click My Profile

Can I get a billing summary?

Yes you can. You can view a summary of your usage in the last 90 days with your Self Care account. Just click on the My Usage tab and then select Credit History option.

Can I track my monthly minutes?

Yes you can. You can view your minute-by-minute usage in the past month with your Self Care account. Just click on the My Usage tab and then select Credit History tab.

Does my account balance have an expiry?

Yes, it varies based on every top-up as per table below:

Top Up Validity
RM5 5 days
RM10 10 days
RM20 20 days
RM15 20 days
RM30 30 days
RM50 50 days
RM100 100 days

After that, your balance will still be valid but you will enter a Grace Period of 45 days. You will not be able to make calls, SMS or use any data you may have until you top up again.

Failing to top up within Grace Period will cause your number to be disconnected. Tune Talk reserves the right to charge up to RM1,000 (by billing, top-ups or service subscriptions in kind) for reactivation or ownership transfer requests. All such requests will be considered on a case-to-case basis and subject to Tune Talk’s policies. When you top up, your previous balance will be added onto the latest top up and all credit will be usable within the new expiry period.

You can always check your validity and SIM expiry by calling *133#.

Why isn’t my credit card accepted?

We only accept credit card which issued by local bank ONLY for online sim purchase