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Prepaid Plan

If I am eligible but currently subscribed to another plan, can I switch to the VIP plan?

Yes, you may switch to or out of the VIP plan at any time. However, no data balance or plan validity will be carried over.

If I need to perform a SIM replacement, will my VIP plan still be active?

Upon successful SIM replacement, the data plan will be automatically resumed.

How long will the VIP plan be available?

The VIP Plan has a limited quota and will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

I am over 60 years old, but the VIP plan does not appear on my Tune Talk App? What can I do?

Your NRIC details could have been registered incorrectly. Please call our customer care line at 13100 to update your details so that you can activate the VIP Plan.

Once my account is eligible, how many VIP plans can I sign up for?

Each NRIC is eligible to register up to 5 SIM cards and all numbers under the account can subscribe or switch to the VIP Plan.

Once I am eligible, can I immediately subscribe to the VIP plan?

Yes, once your SIM card is successfully registered and activated, you can subscribe to the VIP Plan immediately.

How do I check my eligibility status?

Please check your eligibility via the Tune Talk Mobile App under the Profile Page or SMS VIP STATUS to 2222.

What tariff plans are eligible for the VIP plan?

Only subscribers on Tune Talk CUN VALUE, Tune Talk VALUE or Tune Talk BUDDIES are eligible.

Who is eligible to subscribe the VIP plan?

This promotion is eligible for Malaysian senior citizens or OKU.

Senior citizens who registered must be 60 years and above. (i.e. 59 years and 11 months is not eligible yet)

OKU or parents/guardians of said OKU are also eligible to register. The OKU must have an eligible NRIC and Kad OKU while parents/guardians registering on behalf must provide proof of guardianship such as Birth Certificate or other official documents.

I am a foreigner/PR with disabilities or above 60 years old. Am I eligible to sign-up for this plan?

Sorry, we’re afraid this plan is currently reserved for Malaysian Citizens (identified by Kad OKU or MyKad respectively)

If I’m on another Tune Talk plan, can I add this plan onto that?

If for example you switch from our Yearly Plan to the VIP plan, all your balance quota and renewals will be forfeited and replaced by this data bucket. However, any validity extension that came with the previous plan will remain.

Does this plan auto-renew monthly?

Yes it does provided you have sufficient credit balance.