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Prepaid Plan

Will I still be able to tether / use hotspot if I have used up all the data from my base quota?

Should subscribers wish to continue using the mobile hotspot at high speed, subscribers can purchase MI Booster that is available for selected active MI plans.

How do I check the status or the balance of my data plan quota?

To check this, you can SMS STATUS to 2222.

What happens if I have exhausted my video streaming quota within the same day?

Once Video Streaming quota is exhausted within the same day before the quota is refreshed, your continued Video Streaming shall be at mobile internet (MI) or Basic Internet (64kbps) speed (unless freebies are made available to you from time to time which will be utilized first).

What is Tune Talk CUN Value Prepaid Tariff Pack (“TTCVP”) ? How can I become a TTCVP subscriber?

TTCVP is a tariff pack which was made available to Tune Talk subscribers (“Subscribers”) on the 26th August 2019 onwards.

Only New Tune Talk Subscribers who subscribed to Tune Talk Service on 00:01, 26th August 2019 onwards and Tune Talk Subscribers who registered before 26th August 2019 are eligible to subscribe or switch to TTCVP tariff pack respectively.

Tune Talk Fair Usage Policy applies.

I subscribed to Tune Talk Service on 26th August 2019. Can I still purchase the older tariff packs (e.g. Tune Talk VALUE Prepaid & Tune Talk BUDDIES)?

Commencing 26th August 2019 onwards, only TTCVP tariff pack will be available for new Tune Talk Subscribers.

What is the Tune Unlimited plan?

The Tune Unlimited plan was launched on the 2nd October 2020. It is a mobile internet plan which offers unlimited data, unlimited voice calls and a 5GB hotspot quota at only RM48. A Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies.

More info here.

What are the benefits of Free Basic Internet and how will I get it?

Free Basic Internet (“FBI”) is a service that enables Tune Talk users who have exhausted their data packages (bonus, mobile internet, paid or freebies) or those without data packages to enjoy always-on connectivity at no cost.

Subscribers will be allocated 10GB of FBI data quota at 64kbps speed which will be refreshed every 30 days from the first date of registration.

What speed is the unlimited data running at? Is it good enough?

The unlimited data run at speeds of up to 6Mbps. With 6Mbps, you will experience:

  • Smooth web browsing
  • Comfortable online gaming experience
  • Seamless HD video streaming at 720p
  • Full HD video streaming at 1080p
I’m currently on an older tariff plan (Tune Talk Buddies / Tune Talk Value Prepaid). Can I switch to Tune Talk CUN Value Prepaid and subscribe to Tune Unlimited plan?

Yes! You may switch to the Tune Talk CUN Value Prepaid using 300 pts.

Find out more here.

Why does my Tune Unlimited hotspot usage show 500MB utilisation shortly after I’ve started using it?

The Tune Unlimited hotspot data comes in 500MB (0.5GB) data blocks.

When you start using hotspot, 500MB will be deducted upfront. When the hotspot is turned off, the actual usage is calculated and the unused quota (if any) will be re-credited into the hotspot quota.

Does this mean no more Pay-Per-Use charges?

Yes! With FBI, Subscribers will no longer be charged data pay-per-use rates even if Subscribers don’t have any Data Plans or any bonus data buckets.

What will happen if my Tune Unlimited (TUNE UNL) Plan 5GB Hotspot Data has been fully utilised?

You will experience hard stop and will no longer be able to tether your hotspot to other devices. Alternatively, you may purchase 5GB Hotspot Booster (BH5) to continue tethering.

What is the 5GB Hotspot Booster (BH5), and how do I subscribe to it?

The 5GB Hotspot Booster (BH5) is an add-on for the Tune Unlimited (TUNE UNL) plan. It provides 5GB of additional hotspot quota which is valid for 3 days upon purchase provided that the TUNE UNL plan is active. The 5GB Hotspot Booster (BH5) is priced at RM3.00.

Active Monthly TUNE UNL plan subscribers can purchase the 5GB Hotspot Booster (BH5) via the “Get Add-Ons” menu in the My Account page within the Tune Talk App. BH5 does not auto renew.

How does the video streaming quota for the monthly RM28 and monthly RM48 plans work?

A separate and daily allocation of 500MB or 2GB Video streaming quota will be automatically provisioned with any subscriptions to Tune Talk’s Monthly RM28 and Monthly RM48 plan.

Between 00.01am to 11:59pm daily, the Video Streaming quota stated above will be utilised first before the base data plan or basic internet (for those without data plans or freebies) for any streaming on YouTube and Netflix at respective content provider’s app or web platforms at Standard definition streaming.

If I have FBI, can I use Pay-Per-Use data instead?

Subscribers who are on TTCVP packs will not be able to utilize pay-per-use data. Instead, subscribers will enjoy 10GB of FBI data quota at 64kbps speed.

What is the validity of the 500MB or 2GB video streaming quota?

The quota is refreshed every day at 00:01 during the 30 days subscription period of the Monthly 6GB or Monthly 10GB data plans.

What is the CUN calls Add-On? How can I subscribe to it?

CUN Calls is a newly-launched unlimited voice calls add-on for the Monthly 6GB (M6) plan, priced at RM10. Active Monthly 6GB (M6) subscribers can purchase the CUN Calls add-on via the Call Plans Subscription page in the Tune Talk App.

What happens if I have exhausted my 10GB FBI quota?

Once 10GB FBI is exhausted before the quota is refreshed, you will no longer be able to use any data. You can subscribe to a Data Plan to enjoy high speed.

What is the validity of my CUN calls Add-On?

Upon successful purchase, the CUN Calls add-on follows the validity of your active Monthly 6GB (M6) plan.

For example, if your Monthly 6GB plan was activated on 2nd October, and you purchased the CUN Calls add-on on the 4th October, then both the Monthly 6GB (M6) plan and the CUN Calls add-on are valid until 11:59pm of 31st October (30 days after activation of Monthly 6GB (M6) plan).

Therefore, for maximum value, it is always advisable to purchase the CUN Calls add-on upon the activation or renewal of your Monthly 6GB (M6) plan.

Will I be notified on my FBI usage limit?

You will receive an SMS notification from us when your FBI quota usage reaches 90% and 100% of allocated quota.

Will my CUN calls Add-On Auto-Renew together with my monthly 6GB (M6) plan in the next cycle?

No. The auto-renew feature is not available for the CUN Calls add-on. However, you can easily purchase the add-on via the Tune Talk App after your Monthly 6GB (M6) plan auto-renews.

What is base quota, unlimited passes and video streaming quota?

Base quota is a fixed quota amount in a monthly subscription plan, whereby it comes with unlimited passes and video streaming quota.

For example, if you subscribed to our RM28 Plan (M6), you will get 6GB of data bundled with Unlimited Social, Chat passes and daily allocation of 500MB video streaming quota for 30 days.

The Unlimited Chat pass will allow you to utilize WhatsApp (one of the eligible apps) as much as you need without deducting from your 6GB base quota. However, if you use Spotify (an eligible app within Unlimited Music pass), it will deduct from your 6GB base quota.

The Video Streaming quota will allow you to utilize YouTube (one of the eligible apps) from your daily allocation of 500MB video quota. However, if you fully utilize your video quota before the quota is refreshed, Subscriber may first run on their existing 6GB base quota.

Can I use my smartphone as a hotspot when I subscribe to Tune Talk CUN Value Pack?

Yes, you can. Kindly note that the data quota will be deducted from your base quota or booster quota, where applicable for selected data plans.

Is this a new policy?

No, the data plans for Tune Talk CUN Value have always been designated for individual usage as stated in our policy. Kindly refer to Tune Talk Fair Usage Policy for more information.