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Tune Talk Airtime Credit Transfer T&Cs

  1. Tune Talk Airtime Credit Transfer is a credit transfer service available to Tune Talk subscribers only.
  2. Tune Talk Airtime Credit Transfer can only be transferred where both Transferor and Transferee accounts must be in Active status.
  3. Transferor is required to be an active Tune Talk subscriber with a tenure of more than 60 days.
  4. Airtime Credit Transfer of RM3 will come with 1 day validity. For amounts of RM5 and RM10, it will come with 3 days validity. The recipient’s new validity period is subject to their existing credit validity, the greater duration will take place.
    Credit (RM) Validity (Days)
    3 1
    5, 10 3
  5. Airtime Credit Transfer can only be performed via channels below:
    1. Tune Talk App
    2. USSD *111#
  6. Service charges are applicable for Airtime Credit Transfer transactions. Kindly refer below service charge details:
    1. Transferor – RM0.50
    2. Transferee – RM0.50
  7. Transferor Tune Talk mobile number are required to have sufficient credit balance before transfer credit.
  8. Airtime Credit Transfer limit:
    1. Daily – RM10
    2. Monthly – RM100
  9. Tune Talk users are only allowed to transfer credit within their Tune Talk tariffs group only. You are unable to transfer to other tariffs outside the tariffs group.
  10. Tune Talk may change any of these terms and conditions including terminating or suspending this Airtime Credit Transfer service. Tune Talk mobile subscribers are responsible to check these terms and conditions on our website.