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SIM Card & eSIM

What is ‘Switch to Tune Talk’?

It is a process to switch your current number from your current telco to Tune Talk.

Do I need to make any type of payment to switch to Tune Talk?

Yes, a minimum top up of RM10 or a data plan is needed

What is the payment channel for the online top up?

FPX online banking, Visa & Master credit card or eWallet

Can I switch to Tune Talk without performing a top up and why do I need it?

No, top up is needed to make sure the new Tune Talk SIM is active before you switch.

Will my Tune Talk credit remain after the switching process?

Yes, it will remain as per the top up full amount, except SST charges for passport holder.

When will I receive the SIM card?

During purchase, customer need to key in the correct shipping address and attach a copy of MyKad/Passport for verification purposes. Once the details have been received, Tune Talk will process the order and delivery will take about 3 to 7 working days.

What should I do upon receiving the SIM card?

After receiving the SIM card, you will need to download the App and self-register your new SIM. Once your SIM registration is successful, your switch request will be sent automatically. Please reply to the port-out SMS confirmation sent by your current telco within 24 hours to kickstart the switching process. Now you can just sit back and relax, and we will do the rest for you.

How long is the switching process?

The switching process will take about 48 working hours to be completed.

I’ve successfully switched to Tune Talk, why am I not able to receive any my SMS OTP/TAC/Verification code from the Bank?

Please note that OTP/TAC services will be updated within 24-48 hours after the switch has completed. You’re also advised to contact your respective bank to inform them that you have ported into a new telco and are required to update your mobile number.

How many times can I request to switch to Tune Talk?

You can register 5 SIM cards per MyKad/Passport

How do I check my switch status?

You can SMS or go to your App to monitor the switch status.
For SMS, please send P to 2222
Example: P 0101234567

I am a Tone Excel/Tone Plus subscriber, can I request to switch to Tune Talk?

No, for Tone Excel/Tone Plus subscribers, you are only eligible to switch by getting a new Tune Talk number.