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SIM Card & eSIM

Will my credit remain after the SIM replacement?

Yes, it will remain and any new reloads (subject to applicable taxes) will be added on top of it.

How long does the process to upgrade my SIM take?

After receiving your SIM, it would take between 1-2 working days to complete.

What is 4G SIM card upgrade?

Upgrade your old SIM card with the latest 4G network accessible SIM card (Existing Tune Talk users)

Do I need to make any payment to upgrade to a 4G SIM?

Yes, a minimum credit reload of RM30 will need to be made

What are the payment options for online reloads?

Users can pay via e-banking, credit cards and major eWallets.

Can I upgrade to a 4G SIM without a credit reload? Also, what happens to my existing credit and plan in my non-4G SIM?

You can either pick any mobile plan to come with your new SIM or reload a minimum of RM10. This new plan will replace any existing plan from your previous SIM card and reloads will also be added on top of any existing credit balance.

WIll there be a deduction or fee after reload has been made?

There will be no deduction or fee on your reload for the 4G upgrade process and you will receive the full amount of the reload in your new SIM except SST charges for passport holders.

When will I receive the SIM card?

During puchase, customers will need to key in their correct shipping address and attach a copy of MyKad/Passport for verification purposes. Once the details have been received, Tune Talk will process the order and the delivery will take between 3 to 7 working days.

What do I need to do once I receive the SIM card?

Great! Now you’ll just need to call our careline at 13100 or 03-27717000 and inform us that you have received the SIM card. Our team will proceed with the SIM card replacement.