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SIM Card & eSIM

Will there be any additional deduction or fees beyond my top up or plan purchase?

There will be no additional deduction on your top up for ‘Get New SIM’ and you will receive the full amount of the top up in your new SIM (subject to relevant taxes for non-Malaysians).

How long will it take to deliver my Tune Talk SIM?

After placing your order, SIM delivery would take at most 7 working days (any delays are subject to our delivery partners’ Terms & Conditions of delivery). Should you choose eSIM however, it will be sent immediately to your email upon completing your order.

Can I change the reserved mobile number once the order has been successfully made?

Unfortunately, you can’t change it upon confirmation of your purchase. The good news is Tune Talk has a service which enables you to switch your number once for free upon newly activating it. After a few days grace period, you can change it for only RM5, anytime. (Look for ‘Change Mobile Number’ under the ‘Extra Services’ in the Tune Talk App.)

What does ‘Free SIM’ mean?

With a minimum purchase of RM10 top up or any mobile plan, you neither get charged for a physical SIM card nor for any delivery charges. This does not however apply for eSIMs which will cost RM10.

Can I pay online?

You may pay via e-banking, credit or debit cards and with major eWallets.